Saturday, October 20, 2012

Android MusicPlayer getVolume()


The is useful to play a song and control its volume independently of the AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC volume. However there is no way to get the current volume of the MediaPlayer.

Hence the class below... It provides us with access to the current volume of the player.


public class ImprovedMediaPlayer extends MediaPlayer
 private float currentVol = 1.0f;
 public float getVolume()
  return currentVol;
 public boolean setVolume(float newVol)
  if (newVol <= 0)
   newVol = 0f;
  else if (newVol >= 1.0f)
   newVol = 1.0f;
  boolean volChanged = (Math.abs(newVol - currentVol) > 0.0001f);
  this.setVolume(newVol, newVol);
  return volChanged;

 public void setVolume(float leftVolume, float rightVolume)
  currentVol = leftVolume;
  super.setVolume(leftVolume, rightVolume);


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